When will I get to see my images?

Depending on the type of session, it usually takes me 7-14 days to download, cull, edit, and upload your images to a password protected online gallery for you to view and order from.

Will I see all of the images you took? Do you edit all of the images?

During your session, I try my hardest to get the best poses, backgrounds, and lighting for the individual or group I’m photographing and capture special moments. I start by omitting the outtakes such as those times when someone blinks, slouches,  moves and is out of focus, or the look just isn’t right. Then I choose the best images to completely edit for your gallery that best represents the quality and style that I strive for.

Thorough and high quality editing is very important to me and takes extra time and because of this I only edit a certain number of photos for your final gallery depending on the session type you had.

Included in your session fee is editing and retouching of images from your session including cropping, minor blemish removal, color correction as well as some artistic enhancements. More extensive retouching such as braces removal, head swapping, removing/swapping people from frame, glasses glare, stray/wispy hair, severe acne, and cosmetic retouching such as facial wrinkle smoothing for example is an additional one time fee of $15.00 per image per fix.

If you are unsure about an edit I did or might do, just ask me.

What about my glasses?

If you’re concerned about the glare on your lenses, consider borrowing a pair of lens-free frames from your optician or wearing contacts. If you wear Transitions® lenses, the lenses will turn dark if we are shooting outside your eyes won’t be visible in the photographs. I urge you to borrow a pair of lens-free frames, wear contacts, or just remove your glasses for the session. If none of these options work for you, there are a few tricks we can try to reduce glare and reflection.

Do you travel?

For regular sessions I will travel within a 30 mile radius of Stevens Point for free. After that, I charge $0.50/mile.

Is there anything else we should remember to bring?

Children are always in better moods if they have full bellies and had a good night’s sleep. You may want to bring a bag with snacks and juice (avoid sugar or anything that can stain clothing). Feel free to bring along toys your child loves and you don’t mind them holding while being photographed. Hair brushes, combs, and barrettes may also come in handy.

If you are a new mom, feel free to bring along anything that will make you as comfortable as possible. I have a private, quiet place for you to nurse and a bottle warmer if you need it.

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